Is Fantasy Sports Betting Possible in Any Way?

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A lot of people would not regard fantasy sports as skills, yet there are states which have issued a law that recognizes fantasy sports as a legal act and not as a matter of gambling. Once a person decides to take interest in and try betting on fantasy sports, they should pay attention to the laws of the state or the country where they happen to be. When betting on fantasy sports, sports enthusiasts often turn to the Sportingbet bonus and check out what benefits it has to offer. 

How different is it from sports betting?

Fantasy sports betting does not share many similarities with traditional sports betting, since the concept of fantasy sports differs a lot. The outcome of a sporting event isn’t something people bet on directly if they try fantasy sports. The bookmakers select and gather fantasy sports teams and compete against opponents, that is to say, other teams created by virtual managers. Once they do that, they can place real money wagers with other bookmakers and earn money in case their team performs best. This is a good test of sports knowledge for all fantasy sports enthusiasts. 

There are many ways to bet on a fantasy sports team that offer different options and chances to win money. There is a traditional way to enter a certain sports league consisting of multiple opponents. People pay to enter that league and last for a fixed period of time after which they can earn or lose money. The goal is to be listed at the top at the end of that period according to the score and to win a prize. Another way to bet on fantasy sports is to play against a single opponent and to try to score more points after you place wagers on the same amount of money. This also refers to the fixed period of time. 

Be responsible

The things fantasy sports enthusiasts should also keep in mind is to stay responsible and cautious. There are some tips which can be useful and which can prevent bookmakers from getting into unnecessary problems. Firstly, one should carefully limit the time and money they spend on fantasy sports betting. Secondly, only reputable fantasy sports providers should be used, since their number grows each day and they become harder to control. Finally, bookmakers should read terms and conditions carefully since there can appear certain points which do not suit them. For example, they should check whether their personal information is shared with others and how secure their financial data is on that very website.

The grey area of fantasy sports betting is betting on daily fantasy sports. This is the area where many people criticize fantasy sports as a game of luck and chance rather than a skill, and the predictions one can make are mostly not based on knowledge and experience. The suggestion is always to put your wagers wisely and to choose leagues where the teams can show the real performance over a longer period of time. 

Entering the World of Fantasy Sports

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The age of virtual reality has obviously begun since there is an option to do activities such as fantasy sports.  Fantasy sports are also known as rotisserie or roto, where you can create your own virtual teams composed of real players of professional sports or even proxies. The performance of virtual players is conducted by the statistical data on their success, and when they score points, the points are processed and totaled by fantasy team managers. It is a game of prediction, and you can also add, drop, trade, or sell players just like a real-life team manager. Since there are millions and millions of players in fantasy sports, the most common ones are teenagers and adult men.

How popular are they?

The most popular fantasy sports are football, American football, ice hockey, basketball, cricket, cycling, and baseball. It is often argued that fantasy sports are not focused on skills, but rather on prediction and gambling. Since this is not defined by all US states, there are several states which have enacted laws regarding fantasy sports as skill games. How do you become skillful in playing fantasy sports? You can become a skillful sports manager of your team by constantly interacting and actively participating. You apply your sports knowledge to the decisions you make about your virtual team, for which you are responsible and they can have various consequences. You have to invest in matches where your team plays and manage your budget. 


There are different platforms where you can play fantasy sports, and most of them are free of charge. The most famous ones are ESPN Fantasy (where you can play football, hockey, basketball, and baseball), Yahoo Fantasy (also football, hockey, basketball, and baseball), Fantasy Premier League, NFL Fantasy Football, La Liga Fantasy Marca, CBS Fantasy, UEFA Champions League Fantasy League, and Bundesliga Fantasy Manager. If you are willing to pay a certain fee for playing fantasy sports, there are platforms like FanDuel, DraftKings, and Dream11. 

Connected fans

An interesting concept that has been introduced by fantasy sports is a connected fan. Connected fans are usually young men of the age 18-24, and they are also pretty knowledgeable about fantasy sports they follow. They watch live streams of fantasy matches, use apps to learn everything about the clubs, and buy merchandise products from the teams. The connected fans can interact with other fans all over the world, and generally speaking, they take interest in more sports, competitions, and players, which popularize real-life sports and leagues. 


All of the above-mentioned facts have been enough to attract even real-life professional players to take part in fantasy games. It is well known that a lot of Premier League players have their own fantasy teams.  In that way, they interact with their fans and listen to their suggestions and predictions.

3 Best Strategy Games for Android

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Video games are something that we love playing when we want some entertainment or when we are down, or simply as an activity to socialize with friends and loved ones. Some people prefer video games while others prefer using Best Slot Sites – it all depends on the person and what they consider a fun activity.

However, some people prefer gaming on mobile phones. Mobile phones have become really powerful in the past decade. Today, we have mobile phones which cost as much as an entire computer which would be able to render video games on large screens. With such powerful phones, it is only normal that we address the best video games, this time for Android phones.

Following are the best strategy games for Android phones.

VCMI – Heroes of Might and Magic III

Heroes of Might and Magic III are still the world’s favorite Heroes game, generally considered to be the best. On the desktop side of things, it has even more support, with multiplayer mods and a balance and new content mod called Horn of the Abyss.

VCMI is an open source version of Heroes III, which aims to recreate the Heroes III engine on all platforms, whether Windows, Linux or Android. The Android version is playable, even though it has hiccups and bugs.

There is an official Ubisoft version of Heroes III, but only the base Restoration of Erathia game. Fans were not happy with Ubisoft’s version, at all.

Civilization VI

Everybody knows about the Civilization series, a series of games where you build and develop your own civilization. It takes a lot of time and patience, but luckily, you can leave your civilization in peace and sleep and do other things. It is a turn-based strategy game, one of the most famous ones, as is Heroes.

It is now available on Android, as a full fledged game, and not a bad, sloppy copy. If you have the time and energy to learn the game’s complex interface and even more complex controls, this game is the right one for you.

Plague Inc.

Everybody is talking about viruses nowadays. With a global pandemic on our hands, it is only ironic that we should have a video game where you play as an infection trying to basically end humanity. Plague Inc. is not a new game, but it is a great game. It takes strategy to a new level, one where you combine turn-based strategy with leveling up and making the right choices. A virus, a fungus, your disease can be anything, as long as it ends life on Earth.

The world is full of great video games. These are some of the best strategy games that you can play on Android phones. There are other amazing strategies like Rome: Total War, so explore the market before committing to one.

Why is Witcher III So Iconic?

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As iconic games go, you can mention a couple of franchises off the top of your head, like Starcraft, Final Fantasy, Counter Strike, Fallout, Elder Scrolls and they all have a huge history of being relevant in the scene.

What happens when a newcomer, relatively speaking, comes in and breaks the world of video games, with sales and reviews, a great story and complex, intertwined choice-based system. Well, we all enjoy a great game and replay it multiple times, until we learn the dialogs and choices by heart.

The Witcher III is an iconic game, but what makes it iconic? Let us try to demystify it.

A Complex System of Choices and Consequences

You cannot be the good guy. Whatever you do, the world will be unhappy with it. You help a spirit, a village suffers, you don’t help a spirit, children suffer. It is a complex game where the choices you make at the start and the order you do quests reflects on the later game, specifically the dialog and what Geralt says and how he interacts with the world around him.

Choices matter, but sometimes, your choices lead to things people will be unhappy with. The lesson behind this is that you can’t please everybody, and that people will always have their own preferences. It also fits perfectly with the dark world of the Witcher universe.

Geralt is a Great Character

With all the hmms of Henry Cavill, people who haven’t played the games or read the books consider Geralt to be a relatively silent character. However, in the Witcher III, he is pretty talkative, and can be ridiculously witty, using his dry humor to make us laugh or annoy the in-game characters.

Geralt is also a character of his own, not somebody you can really re-shape much. Unlike other RPG-s, where your character can do everything, Geralt is more or less always Geralt, which is a great thing.

The Atmosphere – Graphics and Music Equals Great Storytelling

Not all games have great storytelling. Take most modern Assassin’s Creed games where you go on fetch quests most of the time, and grind by defeating enemies. In the Witcher III, the camera angles and music can turn a silly quest such as getting an old lady’s frying pan into an unforgettable experience.

The score is a piece of work of its own, up there with some of the greatest game soundtracks like those of the Elder Scrolls, Zelda, Chrono Trigger, NieR Automata.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is a very memorable game, so much so that people prefer it years later over more modern releases from the same company (looking at you, Cyberpunk 2077).

It has many things going for it, from the soundtrack, the visuals, the storytelling and all the minute details which gamers appreciate.

Why Are Simulator Games so Popular Today?

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Video games are developing at a very fast rate. They have been since their mainstream adoption in the 1980s. The 90s were a golden age of video games and once the early years of 3D gaming passed, the 2010s became even better.

Genres come and go in terms of popularity. They never disappear, it is just that audiences simply love some genres of gaming more than others. In recent years, simulator games have become much more popular. Here are the reasons why.

We Need Something Better

Our lives have been a bit more difficult in the recent two years. People have suffered from a global pandemic, so with that, simulators come as a great way to experience something new. You wanted to farm, now you can, without actually breaking any laws and going outside from your apartment in the center of a metropolis.

Being locked in an apartment or house has tried many people’s patience and their daily habits as well as willpower, and some found it easier to cope with the said situation by simply playing simulator games.

A Realistic Experience of a Treasured Goal

What if you wanted to fly a plane but were too far off from it, financially, health-wise, or for any other reason? Well, then it seems like a logical set of events to download a flight simulator, preferably a realistic one, and dive straight into the world of flying planes. This goes for any other thing you might have wanted to try, from sports to farming and even building a city. If you cannot do it in real life, why not play a simulator game?

Becoming the Director of Your Own Movie

While it is unlikely that directors will be playing simulator games, one could indeed become a metaphorical director by playing simulator games. Organize a city, to the smallest detail. Make the people do your bidding, make the guards be lenient, enforce hygiene laws, be the ultimate dictator. Or, you can simply have a thriving city and be hailed as one of the greatest leaders ever. 

It is not that often that people can get an experience of managing anything on a larger scale. Simulator games are a great way to dive into that experience and see what it would be like to be responsible for more than just eating three times a day.

They Are Fun

This is an answer that could suffice for any genre of video games. Simulators are fun like any other video game. Some have amazing gameplay, others will immerse you in an experience so deeply that you might forget to get up for hours on end. 

Having fun is essential in these trying times and with simulator games, people can even get immersed in an experience which they wanted for a long time.